This records the experiments I am making with cyanotypes. Inspired by Meghan Riepenhoff’s work Litoral, I plan to try out different exposures of cyanotypes using seaweed found on the South Devon coastline.

My first attempt with seaweed on a paper that had been coated a year ago.

I was very pleased with this as it has traces of beige colouring which is caused by the presence of sea salt in the chemical mix.

image using a safe seaweed : flat and easy to arrange on the surface.
Using 300gpi cartridge paper treated with the normal solution of potassium ferri cyanide and ammonium ferric citrate, I exposed the paper to the sea and an overcast sky with relatively high levels of uv light.
Seaweed exposed without a glass covering.
Seaweed photographed while being exposed under glass.
Resultant cyanotype.
Exposed without glass covering.
Diptych experiment.


I used wallpaper lining paper for this experiment of seaweed exposed to UV under glass, and the added texture of the fold in the paper is something to keep in mind for future use:

This image below is of the same seaweed but exposed to UV not under glass. I particularly like the 3D effect created by the tonal values of the print:

A triptych of Ulva lactuca seaweed found in Paignton harbour.
Ulva lactuca exposed on treated paper.
Ulva lactuca
UIlva lactuca
Fucus serratus